Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Relocated to Barcelona.

This beeing my first blog EVER, it will probably be somewhat lame but here goes...

First morning in the new apartment in Barcelona. My girlfriend is Spanish and after living in Copenhagen for 3 years we decided to try things here for a while. It's an amazing city. Super beautifull and full of flavour. It took me some time to get used to the idea of moving here. I am somewhat of comfort freak and Copenhagen is VERY comfortable. There the money is good. Everything is very organised so it's easy to get an overview and keep up on events and stuff. Things are pretty cheap considering the salaries and crime is low. Here in Barcelona everything is the opposite.....but everything is also new and that's good enough for me.

Before i left we had a night out with the boys. Here are some pictures from a night of too many shots and good laughs.....thanks guys!

Before we could get in the new apartment we went on holiday to the secret island. It's secret because it's already crowded with Italians which are the worst kind of tourists (after brits of course). My girlfriend has gone to the island every year since her birth so she has seen it when it was virgin and fresh.

The moving went pretty smoothe. We paid for everything but i had too hide in the kitchen to prevent myself from pitching in. I'm so not good at having people work for me.

Here is a picture from the moving. The staircase in our building is very narrow (the building is from 18o0) so the moving people pulled the big stuff up in ropes and in through the window. Now thats heavy. We gave them a huge tip!

That's it. I've done it. I'm officially a blogger and I don't feel that different. In the future I'll blog more about my music and I'll post a sci-fi short story i wrote as a challenge with my girlfriend.

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